"Crazy about Books" has been created by Ms O'Sullivan's 2nd Year English class from St Michael's, Loreto Secondary School, Navan. 

Each of these girls share a common interest - a love for reading!  On their blog you will find their thoughts on various books that they have read since 1st Year.  Their aim is to inspire people of all ages to read and become "crazy about books"


"There are two motives for reading a book;

one, that you enjoy it; the other, that you can boast about it!"

- Bertrand Russell

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R3b3cc@'$ f@nt@$ic blog

book review 3 (29th of January 2009)

Title: Kensukes KingdomAuthor: Michael MorpurgoNo. of pages: 176Rating out of ten: 10/10Su...more

2:52 PM
by: amyl

Crazy Amy's Awesome Books!

Romeo And Juliet

Title: Romeo And JulietAuthor: Shakespeare Ratings: 9/10 My Thoughts on the plot: more

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AsHlInG's BlOg!!!!!!!!

book review 2 - "watcher"

Title: Watcher. Author: Le...more

2:51 AM
by: siofrah

$10fr@'s 8l0g

White Boots

Name of book: White Boots.Author of book: Noel Streatfield.Number of pages: I don t know.... it s a small paperback of medium thickness.Rating: Six out of ten.Th...more

11:19 PM
by: meganmo

Mad Crazy Mango

Book Review

Book: Jorney to the River Sea Author: Eva IbbotsomNumber of pages:Rating: 9/10Summary: It is about a girl called Mia whose parents die and leave her a lot ...more

10:53 PM
by: oliviak

Olivia's Fab book reviews ☆☆=]

Book Review...

Book: Life On The Refridgerator Door. Author: Alice Kuipers &nb...more

7:18 PM
by: lisamc

Lisa's Library

Book Review!

Title: Anne Frank. The Diary of A Young Girl Author: Anne Frankno. of pages: 34...more

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Rebecca's Reviews

The Bog Child

Title:The Bog ChildAuthor: Siobhan DowdSummary: Fergus and his Uncle Tally are digging in the bog when they find the body of a girl. After more investigations they realize she s ...more

3:18 AM
by: graceb

Grace's World Of books!

The Big Friendly Giant

Title:The Big Friendly Giant(The BFG)Author:Roald DahlRating:9/10The BFG is about a dream catching dream blowing giant.One night while blowing dreams into childrens rooms he...more

3:34 AM
by: clairew

Claire's Fabulous And Fun Blog

Book Review: Jinx

Name of book: JinxAuthor: Meg CabotNo. of pages: 254Summary of book: This book is about a girl called Jin...more

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Book Review!

Hello girls,By Monday 27th April, I would like everyone to post up a new book review!Keep the book reviews and the comments coming...(Has anyone ...more

12:02 AM
by: anned

Ammy's Book Reviews

Northern Lights

Title: The name of this book is called The Northern Lights .more

12:45 AM
by: maeveo

<MaEvIs's FuNkY BlOG..!>

Girl , Missing

Name of book: Girl , MissingAuthor: Sophie McKenzieSummary : Lauren is a 14 year old girl who lives with her adoptive parents the Matthews in England.When Lauren recieves an essay ...more

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by: ciaral

Ciara's Books!!!

North Child

This is a picture of the...more

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by: levit

L3V1'$ F@v0ur1t£ b00k$

A Troublesome Visitor

A TROUBLESOME VISITORYes! Siera my breath-takingly beautiful cousin was finally ungrounded from our last Houdini act and was coming to stay with me over the mid-term break. The only do...more

7:17 PM
by: laoiseg

Laoise's Fabulous Blog =] !

Book Review 8 (29th. April '09)

Name of book: Twilight:Director s Notebook-The Story Of How We Made The MovieAuthor: Cathe...more

5:46 PM
by: mariem

Wibbledy-Wobbledy-Wonderful Blogs!!!!!!!!

Book Review!!! - No Goodbye

The name of the book is No Goodbye and is written by Marita Conlon-McKenna. No Goodbye is about a family that falls apart when the mother takes off. She leaves them...more

11:17 PM
by: laurenp

Lauren's Living Library


Name:TwilightAuthor:Stephenie MeyerMain Characters:Edward,Belle,Charlie,Jacob,Billy,Emmet,Jasper,Carslie,Esme,Alice,Rosalie,Reene and Victoria.Themes:love and warHapp...more

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by: alisonc

@l!$0n'$ @m@z!ng blog :)


Title: Twilight Author: Stephenie Meyer Summary: This book is about a girl called Bella, who ...more

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